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Below you will find answers to some of the questions we are regularly asked about our London office cleaning, recycling and handyman services.

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Do you provide a shredding service?

Yes we offer an excellent ‘on demand’ confidential waste destruction and recycling service. We provide lockable cabinets, 15kg waste sacks and security seals. We only collect sacks that are full, which is both economical and space efficient.

My current cleaners break crockery and don’t tell me, how can you prevent this happening?

The most common cause of chipped and cracked cups and glasses is overloading or careless stacking of the dishwasher, so we don’t. Cleaners are positively encouraged to inform us when they do have a mishap. This allows us to either replace the item or issue a credit note (the choice is yours).

Will my cleaners speak English?

English is mostly a second language, however with a few exceptions our cleaners do have a good command of English.

Will I have the same cleaner each day?

Yes, other than holidays and absences you will always have a regular cleaner.

Can our unwanted electrical equipment be recycled?

Yes, we can recycle anything from a monitor to server room.

Who would we talk to regarding day to day cleaning issues for our London office?

As well as phone and email contact to a named director during normal office hours, you will be given the “out of hours” phone contact number for our operations director – which is monitored and responded to 24/7.

What happens if our office alarm goes off?

Thorough training in the first weeks of a new contract means that this very rarely happens.

Where an alarm is triggered when a cleaner enters / leaves a premises, it is usually down to user error. Our attendance software would show the time of entry / exit of our cleaners. As long as this coincides with the time of alarm activation we would not dispute the actual cause – and would bear the cost of the engineer call out.

What happens if the Council fine us for putting our refuse at the wrong time?

Unlike your local authority, CleanForce London waste and recycling services are able to offer a collection slot to coincide with the cleaning times. We will pay any fines incurred where the cleaner has put out waste sacks outside of the permitted times.

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