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Now that the Government has announced tentative steps in easing lockdown many businesses are preparing their offices for employees to work in them safely.

While some will continue with at least some employees working remotely, others will want some in-office presence because of the nature of their business.
Employers have a duty of care under health and safety legislation and, of course, even more so in the midst of the current pandemic, which is a long way from being over.

So, preparing offices in Central London to ensure they are safe spaces for employees will involve several steps, not least because virus transmission is likely to be more of a risk in crowded locations like Holborn and other areas of Central London.

Firstly, before anyone returns, the entire building and all equipment will need a disinfectant clean, for which we have special fogging machines that pump out a disinfectant vapour to penetrate even hard to reach areas.

A risk assessment will be needed to identify the improvements that will be needed.

The physical layout of the office may have to be changed to ensure that the 2-metre distancing rules can be maintained, leaving fewer workstations in the rooms and perhaps also fitting sneeze screens to protect against transmission of the virus between people who may not even know they are carriers.

It is likely that the practice of hot desking will no longer be workable unless each desk is thoroughly sanitised in between each user.

Businesses may also introduced temperature checks and hand sanitiser materials at entrances and may also have to look at new ways to keep people safe in communal areas and washrooms.
But pre-opening sanitisation alone will not be enough and regular disinfectant cleaning will have to be maintained once people are back at work.

While, obviously, employers should ensure staff pay particular attention to hygiene during the pandemic this alone will not be enough.

Based in Holborn, we can provide regular and thorough office cleaning of office premises, both office space and communal areas, as frequently as you wish.

The Government has produced guidance on ensuring workplace safety here.​

If you require a high quality, reliable and professional office cleaning service for your office cleaning in Central London, please give us a call on 020 8385 8000 or get in touch for a no obligation quote.

Fight the Virus with our Five Step Process for Office Cleaning

Fight the Virus with our Coronavirus Covid-19 process for Central London Office Cleaning – find out more here



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Fight the Virus with our Five Step Process for Office Cleaning


Our 5 step process for Central London Office Cleaning include

State of the art ultra low volume (ULV) fogging machine
Deep Cleaning
Disinfecting Clean
Sanitising Coronavirus Prevention
Hygiene Cleaning

We can help you get back to work or provide a decontamination service if you are worried your workplace has been exposed to the virus.