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Banish the office germs with office cleaning City of London.  When the pace of work is as frenetic as it can be in the City office it’s easy to take shortcuts with hygiene, but research shows this makes office cleaning in City of London even more essential.

Tests carried out in both UK and US offices have identified them as some of the most germ-ridden places you could find.

What are the germ and bacteria office hotspots?

Which? took swabs from 30 smartphones, tablets and keyboards in a survey to find out and among the worst examples found 600 units of Staphylococcus aureus, which creates toxins that can lead to food poisoning and 480 on a keyboard. To put that in context swabs taken in the office toilet found just 20 units per swab.

Similar studies in the USA have identified the office kitchen, known there as the break room, as one of the worst places for germs and bacteria to collect.

Let’s face it, most people use it to grab a quick cuppa, store their packed lunch or perhaps microwave something hot, but nobody really thinks it’s their responsibility to do any serious cleaning up even if they might wash out a cup or two.

But then, if people use dish cloths to wipe up spills they too can be a location of concentrated germs and bacteria, especially if they are not washed and changed frequently.

Consequently, the kitchen taps are a magnet for germs, as are fridge and microwave door handles, and don’t even think about the build-up of bacteria, mould spores and decaying food crumbs that might be inside.

While these examples might seem the most obvious places for bacteria to accumulate, there are others around the office that can also attract a build-up.

What about the office printer and copier? How many people press those control buttons in any day? Then there are the vending machines and the water cooler both of which are again used by many people.

Least obvious of all perhaps are reference books and files, where mould spores, dust mites and bacteria can also lurk.

Anti-bacterial wipes and disposable towels can help keep germs to a minimum but for real confidence that the office is as hygienic as possible you need regular professional office cleaning in City of London.

Why risk a loss of office productivity from people having to take time off because of allergies flaring up and from stomach upsets?

CleanForce offer a cost effective and specialist IT and office equipment cleaning service which coupled with our daily office cleaning service can really help to keep on top of the sorts of problems that can arise outlined above.  If we can be of help, then please get in touch for a no obligation quote.  Also,  ALL new customers receive a free initial clean – this ensures we bring your premises up to our high cleaning standards from the start.



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Fight the Virus with our Five Step Process for Office Cleaning


Our 5 step process for Central London Office Cleaning include

State of the art ultra low volume (ULV) fogging machine
Deep Cleaning
Disinfecting Clean
Sanitising Coronavirus Prevention
Hygiene Cleaning

We can help you get back to work or provide a decontamination service if you are worried your workplace has been exposed to the virus.