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Providing a total office clean in London is a competitive business and so cleaning companies and their clients set very high standards.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for a little light relief, so we’ve collected some anecdotes ranging from the amusing to the downright odd to entertain you.

The first is a slightly strange request from a client who asked for a broom cupboard to be deep cleaned. The reason? The company was expecting a VIP visitor who, it anticipated, was likely to be looking into the cupboard during their visit.

Then there was the client who asked their cleaning company to find a way to control the amount of toilet paper being used at their premises – not a product the cleaning company either supplied or had any control over!

Pity the poor cleaner faced with this worrying situation when asked to clean some almost new carpets in an office.

As they worked, they noticed that the colour of the carpet was changing from a light green to bright purple. Applying a different cleaning solution and rinsing thoroughly made no difference and the cleaner was getting more and more worried. They carried on, however, and then as they were nearing the end happened to glance at the first area that had been cleaned.

They were relieved to find that as the carpet dried it reverted to its original colour!

What do cleaners expect?

When you take a job in office cleaning in London surely you expect to have to clean? Well not according to these complaints from office cleaners, who, it should be said, didn’t last long in their jobs:

“I come in here to clean but the client’s staff mess and dirty it all up again”

Then there were the cleaners who refused to clean an office staff room because it was left so messy they had to clean it up every night.

And finally, pity the poor cleaning team whose company had just taken on a new and very lucrative contract.

The cleaners were determined to do a thorough total office clean in this London office and had been told someone working there late would be there to lock up when they left.

Unfortunately, the person left forgetting about the cleaners, locked up and set the alarm, which then started bleeping when they tried to leave before the sirens and alarms all went off.

Next thing they knew the car park was full of flashing police lights, police cars and dogs. It wasn’t until a member of the security company arrived with a key that the poor cleaners could convince the police that they were not burglars and that they had a legitimate reason for being there.

We like to think we retain our sense of humour whatever the situation, remaining professional and keeping our client’s best interests in mind at all times.  As they say, things do happen but give us a call so that we can keep these kind of scenarios away from your door!



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Fight the Virus with our Five Step Process for Office Cleaning


Our 5 step process for Central London Office Cleaning include

State of the art ultra low volume (ULV) fogging machine
Deep Cleaning
Disinfecting Clean
Sanitising Coronavirus Prevention
Hygiene Cleaning

We can help you get back to work or provide a decontamination service if you are worried your workplace has been exposed to the virus.